Learn to Skate at Lloyd Center Ice 

We have classes for everyone  

Pre-Schoolers to Adults   Beginners to Advanced   


30 minute Group Lesson once a week for 7 weeks

Free Skate Rental on Lesson Day

Free Admission to ALL Public Skating Times during the 7 week Skate School session (skate rental included on lesson day). Lloyd Center Ice has 60+ hours of public skating each week! 

3 Free Admission Guest Passes for family and friends to use (skate rental additional)

Make Up Missed Lessons at any time during the 7 week session

June 7th - July 25th classes Tuition  

7 week session $96.00

Additional classes  $73.00  (only for students who are enrolling in 2 or more classes during this 7 week session)    

Saturday Adult class tuition: $73.00 for parents of students enrolled in skating lessons otherwise regular tuition fee applies   

Skate School Brochure    

REGISTER for Lessons                                                                                                    online registration form at the bottom of this page                                                                 or call 503-288-6073       

This year's Summer Show  MOANA  

Show Dates: Saturday, July 29th at 3:00pm & Sunday, July 30th at 11:00am

Moana Summer Show information

Moana Summer Show Class Schedule  we have Show Classes for everyone! Tots to Adults, Beginners through Advanced, Mommy/Daddy and Me, Specialty levels

Register for Show Classes in person or call 503-288-6073

Snowbunny 1, 2, 3 or 4 (ages 3 - 5)   
Snowbunny 1 is designed for young children who have not taken skating lessons
Children progress from Snowbunny 1 through Snowbunny 4
Mon 6:00pm   Wed 4:00pm    Sat 10:30am   
Hockey 1 or 2  (ages 3 and above)
Hockey 1 is designed for children who have not taken skating lessons and who are interested in learning to skate in hockey skates
Hockey 2 is intended for children with skating experience and who want to learn the fundamentals of hockey skating 
Saturday 11:30am 
Mommy or Daddy & Me (2 1/2  years old and above)
Designed to help young children feel comfortable on the ice while learning to skate with a parent
Sat 10:30am
Introductory (ages 6 - adult)
Designed for children and adults who have not taken lessons and who have little or no skating experience 
Mon 6:00pm   Wed 4:30pm or 6:00pm   Sat 10:30am   
Level 2 (for skaters who have passed Snowbunny 4 or Introductory)
Mon 6:00pm    Wed 6:00pm   Sat 10:30am 

Level 3
Mon 6:00pm   Wed 6:00pm   Sat 10:30am

Level 4
Mon 6:00pm   Wed 6:30pm   Sat 10:30am
Level  5 , 6 or 7
Mon 6:30pm   Wed 6:30pm   Sat 10:00am
Advanced 1 or 2 
Mon 6:30pm   Sat 10:00am
Advanced  3, 4, 5 or 6 
Mon 7:00pm   Sat 10:00am
Beginning Adult Figure Skating 
Adult 1 intended for adults who have not taken lessons or who have little or no skating experience
Adult 2 designed for adults who have passed Adult 1 or who have some skating experience
Mon 7:00pm   Sat 11:30am

Beginning Adult Hockey 
Adult Hockey 1 intended for adults who have little or no hockey skating experience 
Sat 11:30am 
Intermediate Adult Figure Skating (Adult 3 and Adult 4)
Mon 7:00pm   Sat 11:30am
Advanced Adult Figure Skating 
Mon 7:00pm   Sat 11:10am
SPECIALTY CLASSES (for advanced level skaters)
Coffee Club (Moves to Music)  Tue 9:15am

Patch  Fri 9:15am

Moves (Lev 7 +) Wed 6:00pm
Power (Level 7 & up)    Sat 9:00am   
Synchronized Skating (Level 4 & up)    Sat 11:30am