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60 Minute Freestyles: $15

45 Minute Freestyles: $13

Freestyle Starting 1/7/24


6:45am-7:45am *









Times & Prices are subject to change without notice

* If you are attending the 6:45am Freestyle session, all garage entrances to the mall are chained off until 7am. Please use the east tunnel located by the old Marshalls, Sears and Ulta parking lot. Take the tunnel down and drive to the west end of the parking garage where the regular spiral ramp is located. Drive up the spiral ramp to get to the roof level and park as normal. 

Freestyle Code of Conduct

Freestyle sessions provide a controlled skating environment during which skaters have private lessons, practice their programs and work on advanced skating skills. Skating on Freestyle sessions is a privilege, not a right. Please consult with your private coach or a rink staff member before attending your first Freestyle session.


By skating on a freestyle, you are agreeing to the following:


 Who is in charge? 

  • Each coach is responsible for monitoring skaters’ conduct regardless of the skater/coach relationship. Skaters will receive suggestions for improvement with sincere respect and courtesy.

  • Lloyd Center Ice Rink employees are required to ensure that skaters comply with rink policies. Skaters will receive suggestions for improvement with sincere respect and courtesy  

  • Each parent is responsible for supporting his or her child, monitoring the child’s conduct and, having entrusted the child’s training to the coach, showing respect for the coach by refraining from coaching from the side lines. 

  • Rules are to be enforced by coaches and rink staff, not other skaters. Coaches and staff can and will administer warnings for repeat misconduct by a skater that may result in a temporary exclusion to freestyle sessions.


Freestyle Etiquette  

Prior to stepping on the ice

  1. Sign in, pay for each session, and wear the designated wristband(s) for each session 

  2. Put personal items in a locker or other secure location 

  3. Do not step on the ice until the session begins, or until an employee gives the go ahead 

Display “Good Sportsmanship” at all times 

  1. Say, “Excuse me”, if someone is in your path, and apologize if you get in another skater’s way

  2. Show courtesy and respect to coaches, rink staff, parents and other skaters

    • ​​​​No yelling or screaming at coaches, rink staff, parents or skaters  

    • Physical displays of anger, such as hitting, throwing items, stamping your feet and kicking the ice or the boards will not be tolerated

    • Swearing, harassment, intimidation, bullying of any type and other abusive behaviors will not be tolerated



  1. Every skater should be able to use the music player at least once per session 

  2. Priority is given to skaters in a lesson 

  3. General rule is 2 skaters “In lesson” followed by 1 skater not In Lesson 

  4. Coaches will control the music line up for “In Lesson” skaters 

  5. Coaches may use the music player twice per student per Freestyle session regardless of the number of programs the skater is working on.  

  6. Skaters not “In Lesson” check with coaches at the music station for opportunities and the order to play their own

  7. CDs/Music may be replayed after all other music/CDs have been played. Coaches are exempt from this rule, and may jump ahead.

  8. Music/CDs may only be restarted due to a false start; not for a fall or other “skater error” 

  9. Playing a portion/section of your music twice is the same as playing the full program 

  10. Dance music is counted as one program 

  11. Never “bump” or stop another skater’s music without the skater’s permission 

  12. When not in use the music player may be used for acceptable practice music  

  13. Do not congregate at the CD player for talking


Before leaving the ice 

  1. Pick up guards, notebooks, CDs and water bottles 

  2. Throw empty water bottles and other disposable items in the garbage 


Safety Rules ​ & Right of way

Yield to skaters who have the Right of Way


  1. First Right of Way: 

    1. “In Lesson” skaters playing program music wearing sash

  2. Second Right of Way:

    1. “In Lesson” skater not playing program music 

  3. Third Right of Way:

    1. Higher level skaters ​


                ***Always wear an identifying sash when skating a program to music***

              Neon Green or Blue Identifying Sash – skater playing music in a program

Practicing Spins or Jumps 

  1. “Spin Zone”: Center Ice is designated for practicing spins 

  2. Jumps are to be performed at either end of the ice. Skaters practicing a program while wearing the designated sash may use any area.


General Rules:

  1. Be aware of your surroundings at all times 

  2. Skaters that are wearing a Neon Green or Blue Identifying Sash have the right away

  3. Be aware of other skaters on the ice and check behind before changing direction 

  4. When skating forward be aware of higher-level skaters passing close to you at high speeds 

  5. Be alert and prepared to yield to another skater even if you have the right of way 

  6. Do not cross the path of a skater who is setting up for a jump or spin 

  7. Do not skate or jump too close to another skater 

  8. Do not skate too close to a skater who is spinning

  9. Skaters should not stand around in groups talking or playing

  10. Skating in a group of 2 or more is not permitted (excluding pairs)

  11. Keep moving unless receiving instruction from a coach 

  12. Get up immediately after a fall  

  13. Do not sit on the ice 




We expect our more advanced skaters to be exemplary role models for our younger skaters, both on and off the ice.  

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