2020 Skate School

Skate School will be announced in 2021

Learn to Skate School is postponed until 4/9. See note on



Snowbunny 1, 2, 3 or 4 (ages 3 - 5) Not Offered at this time!  
Snowbunny 1 is designed for young children who have not taken skating lessons
Children progress from Snowbunny 1 through Snowbunny 4
Mon or Wed 4 or 6pm; Fri 4:30pm; Sat 10:00am & 11:30 am


Introductory (ages 6 - adult) Designed for children and adults who have not taken lessons and who have little or no skating experience Mon or Wed 4:30pm or 6:00pm; Fri 5pm; Sat 10:00, 10:30am, & 11:30 am

Parent & Me (2 1/2  years old and above)Designed to help young children feel comfortable on the ice while learning to skate with a parent Sat 10:30 am 


Hockey 1, 2, 3 or 4  (ages 3 and above)
Hockey 1 is designed for children ready to be placed in Level 2. 
Hockey 2 and 3 are intended for children with skating experience and who want to learn the fundamentals of hockey skating 
Hockey 1, 2 Sat 10:30am
Hockey 3, 4 Sat 11:00am 

Level 2  (for skaters who have passed Snowbunny 4 or Introductory)
Mon 6:00pm; Wed 6:00pm; Fri 5:30pm, Sat 10:30am & 11:30am

Level 3
Mon 6:00pm; Wed 6:00pm; Sat 10:30 am 




Levels 4, 5 or 6
Mon 6:30pm; Wed 6:30pm; Sat 10:00am 

Level 7
Mon 6:30pm; Wed 6:30pm; Sat 9:00am 



Advanced 1 - 6
Wed 7:00pm; Sat 9:30am 



Beginning Adult Figure Skating 
Adult 1 intended for adults who have not taken lessons or who have little or no skating experience
Adult 2 designed for adults who have passed Adult 1 or who have some skating experience
Mon 7:00pm; Sat 11:00am 

3Intermediate Adult Figure Skating (Adult 3 and Adult 4)
Mon 7:00pm;  Sat 11:00am 

Advanced Adult Figure Skating Levels 5 and 6
Mon 7:00pm;   Sat 11:00am 

SPECIALTY CLASSES (for advanced level skaters)

Power Fitness (Level 7+) Sat 8:30am

Patch (Adv 1+)  Fri 8:15am
Spins and Jumps I (for skaters in Adv 1 - 2) Sat 9:00am
Spins and Jumps II (for skaters in Adv 3 - 5) Sat 9:00am
Axels (for skaters in Adv 6+) Sat 9:00am
Moves (Adults) Tues 9 am 

Moves (Adv 1+) Wed at 6 pm

Moves Fri 9 am
Moves (Adv 4+) Fri 9 am

Dance (Lvl 7+)  Sat 12:00pm

Edges and Moves to Music Mon 9am


Address: 953 Lloyd Ctr.  Portland, OR 97232

Phone: (503) 288-6073

Lloyd Center Ice Rink is a unique ice skating rink in the center of Lloyd Center. We are conveniently located on the first level across from Macy's.

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